Festival of the Avatar Goes Virtual - October 16-18, 2020

It is with an abundance of caution and love for our community that we announce the physical gathering in Austin, Texas for Festival of the Avatar is CANCELED for October 2020.
As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to spread around the world, and countries continue to close their borders to international travelers, we have decided that it would be unwise to continue to plan the event in these uncertain times.

We are now planning to hold a VIRTUAL Festival of the Avatar on October 16-18, 2020.
As such, we will be looking to the community for ideas and more team members to help create, organize, facilitate, and participate in a grand virtual festival event.

Anyone interested, have comments or ideas, please fill out this SurveyMonkey survey. The survey also asks for your thoughts about the physical event that we must cancel this year.

Your answers will help us and the community-at-large plan and enjoy a virtual festival without leaving the comfort and safety of our homes.  There is a lot to figure out to make this 3-day event fun, informative, and engaging.
In this survey, we ask questions about 1) canceling the physical event and what your plans were or weren’t, 2) if you are interested in participating in a virtual festival over the Internet and things you’d like to do, and finally, 3) if you are interested in helping plan or run the virtual festival with us.
This survey is not used to register for the future virtual event.
Thank you for help!
— The Festival of the Avatar Planning Staff